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White Linen

White linen, rolling hills, haystacks and barnyards. Yep, I am filing this post under: ‘When I retire to the ranch to ride horses for the rest of my days..’

BRB just lining my long sweeping driveway with purple Agapanthus.

P.S Thanks Henry Noel Jarman for your photography and of course, the protea flowers from the side of the road’s honesty policy florist.  Ahhhh yes, I love the hills.

DSC06989DSC07119DSC07283 DSC07290 DSC07295 DSC07315 DSC07342

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Tangerine Skies

A sunny winter’s day, a forgotten ruin, an old bed sheet,  a bread-roll basket from Savers and three pinched tangerines later and we have some impromptu imagery thanks to the virtuosity and creative direction of my good friend and visionary, Henry  Noel Jarman. I don’t think anyone else could make me look decent clad in grandma’s lace tablecloth – a true testament to his abstract and wonderful eye.

(And a true testament of my willingness to trod through knee-high shrub in kitten heels and a white bed sheet via way of several bramble bushes, a collective of kangaroo droppings and the bemused eyes of the serious bush walker – in the name of art.)



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It was on a Sunday afternoon in May, I met Denny. A photographer from Canguu, Indonesia and a friend of my good friend Ryan Cantwell. Clad in tattoos, a nonchalant style of cuffed jeans and a white tee, he emanated a vibe of effortless cool but from the first introduction he had this playful charm that was authentic to the bone of his cheshire grin. Resonating with my goofiness, we made an instant team and this is when I feel most comfortable in front of the lens.  We went to an Asian Grocer to get Vietnamese rolls, and came away with some photos of me sitting on rice bags.




Casa Amuk Tee

Riders by Lee Jeans

66 The Label Neck Scarf

Sportsgirl Hat


Denny Novikar

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How to: Style an A/W Scarf ft. MIMCO

As winter is edging near, it is time to reassess the wardrobe situation and make way for the bulkier pieces that winter warrants. With that being said, there is nothing I love more than versatile pieces that don’t take up too much space but can be whipped out the wardrobe on any occasion and styled in multiple ways.

Layering is my favourite part of winter fashion and there is no better a layering accessory than a good scarf.

I’ve teamed up with MIMCO and styled some of their beautiful Autumn/Winter Scarves in 3 ready to wear ways.


With its bold on-trend colour, thick texture and generous length, this versatile number can be teamed as a top, a belt, a winter neck scarf and a turban. I particularly love it as a top and it can be layered over a white shirt for that slouchy veneered look.


This beautiful blue baby can brighten up an outfit and be worn as a neck scarf, a hip scarf and a head scarf. I love it’s fringing and it’s two toned blue hues.

Iona_Mimco_IMG_5711Processed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset



Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
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Steele’ing the Sunshine

The latest Steele collection certainly steals our hearts as we come into the cooler season of Autumn and need a more versatile and trans-seasonal wardrobe.

My new Steele Arielle Dress is the perfect little number for an Aussie Autumn and can be worn as a wrap dress in the sunshine or as a light weight throw cardi for those cooler changes.

I’ve styled my Steele dress and neck scarf in two different ways, keeping it casual, effortless and a little playful.

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Steele the label Dress

Grana Jeans

Mimco Bag

Vintage Neck-scarf

Cluse Watch

Rubi Shoes Loafers

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Of Satin and of Silk

As a sucker for fabrics soft and slinky on the skin, I was unabashed to sport a whole outfit made of silk in my latest outfit post in Inverness, Scotland.

Of course being in the Highlands in winter elicits a few impediments on my latest idée fixe of garments lightweight and lustrous, but when I saw GRANA’S latest silk collection,  my online orders went unabated.

After all, silk is classic, durable and versatile (I’m good at justifying things to myself). While winter in Scotland definitely heralds a coat and scarf, silk is unencumbered by the seasons because it is lightweight for summer and suitable for layering in the winter  (in my case loose enough to fit thermal undies below and thin enough to fit under jumpers and coats). Swoon.

GRANA’S collection is made from Crepe de Chine Silk, chosen for it’s luxurious sheen, and then they sandwashed it for a matte finish. The result is silk that is both classic and modern.

And because they are just silky smooth operators, GRANA is offering my readers 10% off their first purchase and free shipping world wide by using the code MERAKxGRANA at check out. Swoon again.

I styled my silk garments loose and effortless – worn off the shoulder with a chic neck kerchief, classic loafers and gold detailing.


Wearing //

GRANA Silk Shirt

GRANA Silk Culottes

NEW LOOK Neck Kerchief

RIVER ISLAND Necklace & Earrings


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MIMCO: From Hand and Heart.

If there is something I love to support, it is ethical fashion.  So when I discovered that MIMCO collaborate with the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) to create collections in support of empowering women and reducing poverty by means of providing work and a fair wage to artisans in marginalized communities, I was jubilant to get on board with their vision and sport their beautiful creations on my latest trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

MIMCO and EFI’s  latest initiative, From Hand and Heart, includes a jewellery collection crafted on the island of Haiti, providing a fair wage and the power to change lives in remote communities. Made from recycled materials, the skilled artisans have utilised cereal packs and hand-rolled ceramics to create each bead individually. These unique bracelets and necklaces certainly infused a playful splash of colour and culture into my travel wardrobe that suited my current bohemian lifestyle perfectly.

I styled my unique beads with a crisp and loose white shirt, some flowy pants and my vibrant MIMCO x EFI beach tote that is handmade in Kenya as part of the initiative. My new bright beads and hand-crafted bags allowed me to assemble an effortless yet brightly accessorized wardrobe while traveling Eastern Europe.


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Now that’s my bag, baby.

The fine art of traveling minimally yet maintaining your own sense of style is hard to master, as I so duly noted when I caught my reflection in a shop window sporting a (safe, but not-so stylish) frontal backpack. But with MIMCO’S latest travel collection I think I have this mastery in the bag, so to speak.

Having made the spontaneous decision to buy a one-way ticket to Europe earlier this year, I recently packed up my whole life into a bag and left en route to sojourns unknown and exciting.

There is without doubt, something romantic about the idea of having your whole life packed up into one bag. But when you’re a bag lover like me, I centered my travel life around three: My suitcase, my MIMCO Tote and my MIMCO Hip Bag – all of equal importance really!

A small hip bag is perfect for balmy nights where you only need your essentials; wallet, phone, ID, lipstick.

The tote on the other hand (or the other arm as the case may be) is my day-trip bag of choice as it fits everything from my camera, snacks, sunglasses and coin purse as well as my passport, a map, and most importantly, a good book.

So while I might be taking my love of bags to the next level by literally living out of them, I have everything I need so long as I can travel.

As Alexandr Solzhenitsyn once wisely said, “Own only what you can carry with you.”

img_8871Exploring the streets in Prague, wearing my favourite MIMCO accessories.img_8659img_8976img_9029img_8923img_9017img_8849img_8655img_8663WHERE TO NEXT?! You’ll just have to wait to find out… (Mainly because I don’t know myself!) img_8874